• Congo's Coin Pusher

    Win Real Prizes, Play for Free!

    This fun and exciting Coin Pusher takes place at the Monkey Temple. A place that is overflowing with riches! Join the Monkey King, Congo, in protecting his Temple from the Falcons using a slingshot and by activating the Temple's defenses! Collect fruits, Statue Heads, Crown Pieces, Bricks, Temple Coins, Gems, and Wonders!

  • Nudgemaster

    Nudge your way to the jackpot!

    The Nudgemaster series brings skill to the game! Five different variations of nudge games with over 30 different themes!

  • Pokermaster

    Who will be the next Master Poker Player?

    Pokermaster is a Video Poker based machine that's designed to be a competitive gambling environment where players are encouraged to compete for positions on a high score table rather than a direct cash reward.

  • Prizewagon Mobile Casino

    Coming Soon!

    What happens in Vegas, happens better here! Sloth Rocket Games is bringing Prizewagon Casino Presents: The Boardwalk to Mobile. Keep an eye out by using our social media sites to get the latest news and updates!

  • Skillability

    Welcome to the ultimate hybrid in gaming entertainment fun, quick, easy to learn & play and combines two familiar styles of gaming into one NEW Skill based game.

    2 ways to play, Many ways to WIN!

    A) Pick your lucky numbers for the ball drop, with exciting odds and easy selection process.
    B) Play out the card choices that are offered by the cards generated from the ball drop. Six choices to build the best hand with the unique type and nature of the cards used in this game. The hands are reminiscent of poker hands that include great twists capable only with a hand of 6 cards.

    But beware the encounter with the naughty goat and hope you get the spotted goat if you do! But, as always, the choices are yours!

    Lots of ways to win, exciting choices; dramatic results.

  • Sloth Rocket Mobile Casino

    Coming Soon!

    Come see our galactic casino! We're bringing our own bunch of fun by creating a series of Sloth Rocket Casino Apps! Keep an eye out by using our social media sites to get the latest news and updates!